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Terms of Service

What is included in my membership?

  • Priority access to professional qualified contractors that are available at your convenience in a timely manner.

  • Unlimited phone and video conference consultations to discuss and triage any issues with your home.

  • Small installs and repairs that can be completed in a short window (<30 mins on-site).  

  • Seasonal home maintenance requirements such as air filters, smoke alarm battery replacement, winterization of external faucets etc.  

  • Priority scheduling and access to contractors for paid jobs (anything that requires material procurement or longer than 30 mins on-site).  

  • Management of specialist contractors to do work on your behalf, including but not limited to electricians, plumbers, roofers, landscapers, pest-control etc.  

  • Free consultations and estimates on any home improvement projects. 

What is your cancellation policy?  Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

What is the Membership Commitment?

  • $250 initiation fee

  • $99/month membership fee

  • A one-time full and complete refund of one year of membership fees if Benish Home Services is engaged to complete a major project for you.  

  • Referral rebates (1 month free membership per qualified and onboarded referral) 

Fine Print

  • Benish Home Services reserves the right to accept, reject, or cancel any membership.

  • Benish Home Services reserves the right to update terms and conditions as needed, including but not limited to price, fees and services offered.  

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